COVID Safe Info

All community sport is currently in lockdown and no organised soccer is allowed.

This section of our website is for all Coaches, Manager, Players and Volunteers to find information about Stingrays COVID Safe policies and processes. These are directly in accordance with Football Victoria who in turn have designed the protocols following Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) guidelines.

Individuals should not return to sport if in the last 14 days they have been unwell or had close contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19. If you have symptoms such as coughs, sore throats, respiratory issues or other "possible" Covid-19 related symptoms, you will be required to stay home. An athlete with a possible case should refrain from training (even at home) until they have been cleared to so by a doctor, given the potential for worsening illness.

If you have any concerns or questions please in the first instance contact your Team Manager.

Training Allocations

The social distancing and group separation requirements mean that the club has restricted availability of grounds at any one time. The zones below maximise our allowed use under these conditions. Miniroos teams will be limited to only 1 x 1 hour session per week. Once we have determined the needs of all teams we can the look at additional requests for a second session.

All Coaches please  CLICK HERE  to view the training allocations schedule

Any questions please contact Kevin Griffiths.

Football Victoria Guidelines


The key principles are, that we as a club are following the procedures contained in the Return to Training Guidelines from FV.

Specific Rules (under current restriction guidelines)


  • Training can only be undertaken in groups of a total of 20 plus coaches.
  • Contact training is allowed for players under 18. No hugging, shaking hands or sharing of equipment including drink bottles, food or goal keeper gloves. No contact training for players over 18 years.
  • Practice games can be arranged and the number of participants is the allowable squad numbers for each team. That is up to 16 players per team for U13s to U18s, up to 12 players per team for U10s to U12s and up to 10 players per team for U7s to U9s. Team official numbers is as required by the team. All team officials need to have their WWC and be registered as a volunteer for Aspendale SC.
  • All players (when not playing) and parents must adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rules at all times.
  • Small Sided Games are now allowed during training. All goals need to be sanitised after use. 
  • The larger goals are also allowed to be used and like all shared equipment, must be sanitised after each groups use. This also applies to situations where the goals are still remaining in the same zone for the following training group. 
  • All groups must stay in their allocated zones to ensure separation and enter and leave during their scheduled time. Teams cannot change zones with other teams to use the goals.
  • GET IN, TRAIN, GET OUT” All parents are recommended to stay away from the training area. If your child is at an age where they can be left in the supervised care of the coach, then it is suggested you “drop and go”. If your child is of a younger age and still requires your presence, you should remain in your car or outside of the playing area (see maps below). It is important that coaches have all emergency contact details. Coaches are not babysitters so be mindful of your decision to leave. Ensure you arrive in time to pick your child up and do not leave your coach waiting. Do not enter the playing area to pick your child up. Only a maximum of 10 spectators can be at training or practice games.
  • Do not stop to chat to other parents or officials.
  • Arrive dressed and ready to train.
  • Access to Clubrooms/Changing rooms is not allowed and they will remain locked.
  • Toilets will be locked otherwise they will require a full sanitary clean at the end of each day which we are not prepared to ask a volunteer to undertake.
  • Any shared Club training equipment must be sanitised at the end of each teams training session. Sanitary wipes will be provided to clean all cones and poles which remain at the venue or are shared. 
  • Due to the above point the Club has decided to currently restrict training equipment to cones and poles. This will reduce the requirement on coaches to clean equipment at the end of their session. 
  • Club bibs will be provided in due course but will need to be taken home and washed after each use. Details regarding this will be published when bibs are handed out.
  • All players must bring their own ball to training. The Club will supply spare balls for any player who does not have their own ball, but they will need to take this ball home after training and it will be their responsibility to clean it. Coaches who choose to supply balls which they will hold onto will be requested to sanitise them in line with the regulations.
  • All players are to bring their own hand sanitiser. There will be sanitiser available for those who forget. It is recommended you use this at the start and end of training as a minimum.
  • The Club is working through the logistics of maintaining Social Distancing when players enter and exit a training venue. Please refer to the maps below and ensure all your players are aware of what zone they are in and how to access it. Parents are not allowed to enter zones to collect their children.
  • All teams MUST maintain an attendance record of all players attending training. Details must include name, FFA number, date and time. Coaches/TM’s can do this through the Team Dugout. 

Training Zones during Covid Restrictions

Jack Grut Reserve

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All zones can must be accessed only once the team training before hand has left the Reserve. 

Always use the gate closest to your zone for entry and exit. 

No training outside of your allocated zone.

Non-participants must remain outside of the perimeter fence and maintain social distancing with others.

Browns Reserve

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All zones must be accessed only once the team training before hand has left the Reserve.

Entry and exit to your zone must be via the perimeter of your zone or via the area marked “red”. Do not cut across other zones at any time.

No training outside of your allocated zone.

Non-participants must remain off the Reserve - pavilion side of the car park fence whilst maintaining social distancing with others.

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