Welcome to Aspendale Stingrays Soccer Club

Whether you call it soccer or football, we love this game and we think you and your child will, too.

Aspendale Soccer Club was formed in 2005 by a group of parents looking to provide their kids with the opportunity to get involved in the world game, soccer. The club foundations are built around the premise that by actively promoting team work and sportsmanship children will get the most out of playing this beautiful game. To find out more or get involved with running this family club please contact us.

With the support of our members and volunteers, our aim is to provide our local community with the opportunity to participate in, learn, play and enjoy soccer.

2020 Membeship Fees - Refunds & Donations


This event registration is for for those members who would like a refund or would like to receive a partial refund and donate some money to the club.

We are aiming to refund the maximum we can to members once we have confirmed the amount Football Victoria will provide back to the club and finalised club operating costs for 2020.

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